Logging in

The Online Marketing Cockpit can be used with a browser. Please open the OMC webpage to log in. Contact your administrator if you do not know the the URL of the OMC or your login credentials.

After opening the OMC webpage, the following login form is displayed:

OMC login form

Enter your user name and your password, and click ‘Login’. The start page of the OMC, your dashboard, is then displayed:

OMC start page

The dashboard can be accessed from any page by clicking the topmost item of the left navigation bar, the main navigation. The dashboard contains up-to-date information about the most recent mailings, activities, tasks, etc.

Use the main navigation bar to directly jump to one of the main sections of the OMC.

Changing Your Password

Every user of the Online Marketing Cockpit has a password that was initially supplied or generated by the administrator. However, you can change your password later on. To do this, click Edit My Password below the main navigation. The following form is then displayed:

Changing your password

Enter your password into both input fields and click Save New Password. If you are an administrator, you can disable every login by clicking the corresponding button. Using Generate New Password, you can have the OMC generate a new password for the user, which is then sent to the user’s e-mail address stored in the OMC.