Logging in to the Content Manager

Opening the Start Page

Start your browser and enter the access URL or select a previously set-up bookmark. The following log-in page is displayed:

Please enter your user name and your password, observing upper and lower case. Hit the Enter key or click the green arrow button to confirm your input.

If the data you entered are correct, your starting page (configurable in your preferences) is displayed. If logging-in fails even after several attempts, please ask your administrator for help.

Please note that the maximum number of users simultaneously logged-in to the CMS depends on the number of available licenses. If all licenses are in use a corresponding error message is displayed.

Selecting an Action

The default starting page is the tree view of the CMS folder hierarchy. If the wizard selection page is your starting page, you can select here one of the wizards the administration has set up for you:

Select one of the actions offered to begin your work with the CMS. Please note that the screenshot above is only meant for illustration and that it probably does not show the actions available to you.

Logging off and logging in again

Please log out of the Content Manager when you leave your workplace. Otherwise unauthorized users have access to the system and can change data in your name.

Please use the log-out button displayed on all main pages of the Content Navigator or the corresponding command in the File menu to log out:

Logout button

Select character encoding

If accents and other "special characters" are not displayed correctly in your browser, please set the character encoding of your browser to UTF-8 or enable the automatic encoding detection feature if available.

Personal Preferences

Your personal preferences, such as the language of the user interface or your password, can be changed using the Personal Preferences menu item. This item can be found in the Extras menu.