Microsoft Windows

Under Windows, CMS Fiona can only be installed on an NTFS partition because of the need for symbolic link support.

The user installing CMS Fiona must have administration permissions. The CMS is later started as a service by the LocalSystem user.

To install CMS Fiona, first run the Infopark-CMS-Fiona-x.y.z-Windows-Setup.exe program (x, y, and z stand for the version number).

The program first displays a welcome message:

Here, and in the following dialogs, click Next to move to the next dialog, click Back to move to the previous dialog, and Cancel to cancel the installation.

Click Next to move to the next dialog where you can specify the directory to which the CMS components are to be installed:

You can change the default target directory (Destination Folder) by clicking the Browse button. Navigate to the target directory using the directory selection dialog that appears, select the directory and then click OK.

Click Next to specify the location where the licence file to be used by the setup program can be found:

If you do not have a licence file, please contact our customer support.

After the licence has been accepted, the setup program installs Trifork Application Server, ImageMagick, and CSDiff, unless they have already been installed on your system.

Trifork Application Server is required by the CMS for the GUI which runs as a web application in this server:

ImageMagick is a software program for editing images. It is used for creating thumbnails (miniature images) and can be used in wizards to create and manipulate images.

CSDiff determines the differences between files and is also used in Wizards.

Up to version 6.0.x: For installing Trifork Application Server, please refer to section Installation of Trifork Application Server.

After Trifork Application Server and ImageMagick have been installed, you can choose on the following two pages whether you want CMS Fiona to be started when Windows starts and in which directory the CMS application shortcuts are to be created. Then an overview of the selected options is displayed:

Click Install to start the installation. The setup program then displays the progress of this process:

Afterwards, the applications are initialized. This mainly happens in the shell. Furthermore, the Trifork server is started. Klick Finish when the final message is displayed:

After the setup process is complete, a welcome page is displayed (at :8080/) unless you removed the check from the corresponding check box in the last dialog.

By default, users can log-in to the HTML user interface (GUI) and other CMS applications using the credentials given on the welcome page.

For security reasons, the passwords of the CMS applications and the Trifork Application Server should be changed after installation. For details, please refer to section Changing Passwords.

If you intend to use CMS Fiona productively, please replace the SQLite database with one of the supported database products.

Uninstalling CMS Fiona

If additional CMS instances have been created after the installation, it is required to manually remove their services prior to uninstalling the CMS via the Windows' control panel. If this is not done, the setup program will fail to delete the directory in which CMS Fiona was installed.

To remove the services of an instance created subsequently, please execute the rc.npsd.bat uninstallService batch file located in the bin directory of the instance concerned. This will remove the services for the configured standard applications. If you have installed services for other apps by executing rc.npsd.bat installService application, you should remove these by executing rc.npsd.bat uninstallService application.

Installing Trifork Application Server

Up to and including CMS Fiona 6.0.x, the setup program for Trifork Application Server is run by the Fiona setup program:

After having accepted the terms of licence for the Trifork Server, please specify the location where the Trifork software is to be installed. The path must not contain spaces:

Afterwards, please specify the required Trifork server components. CMS Fiona only requires the server itself plus the Java Development Kit (even if it is already present on your system), i. e. the other components of the system can be unselected, if desired:

Specify, if required, in the next two dialogs a program group for the Trifork software and whether a trifork icon is to be created on the desktop. Clicking on Next will then display an overview of the actions to be performed:

Klick Install to install the Trifork server and on Finish on the last page to finish the installation:

Now click Next in the CMS setup program to continue installing CMS Fiona.