New and Changed Features

Copying a tree to the clipboard

CMS Fiona’s graphical user interface now makes it possible to copy the subhierarchy that starts at the selected folder to the clipboard. For this, the new command Copy tree in the Edit menu is available. The subtree that has been copied can be pasted to a different location in the hierarchy using the Paste command.

Should copying a large subtree cause a timeout in the GUI, the process will be nevertheless continued. (ID 3637)

Real preview without menu or toolbar

In addition to the preview and the separate preview, a real preview is now available, which can be accessed via the View menu. The real preview is displayed without a menu and without a toolbar. Furthermore, the browser’s address bar reflects the true URL of a preview page. (ID 10799)

Opening the preview from within a wizard

Wizards can now provide links for opening the preview of a CMS file. For this, the supplied wizardLib.tcl library includes the previewUrlForObj(idOrPath) procedure.

By default, wizardLib.tcl is loaded when the CM is started. For the purpose of handing over parameters, the wizardController is also required. Use useWizardController to load it.

The procedure returns the URL of the preview page for the CMS file whose ID or path is passed to the procedure via idOrPath. (ID 9743)

Improved performance when determining user permissions

In CMS Fiona, the access permissions that have been granted to a user for a CMS file are determined via the user’s group meberships. If Fiona is connected to an AD/LDAP server, Fiona 6.9.0 no longer determines group membership by searching groups hierarchically itself. Instead, Fiona lets the server do this, which results in shorter reaction times.

This new behavior is the default. With very large AD/LDAP databases, however, it might occur that the server returns only a part of the result set. This might cause users to be given less permissions than they actually have via their group memberships. In this case, the new behavior can be deactivated which activates the previous behaviour again. To do this, set the value of the useServerSideExpansion configuration key in the um_ads.xml file to false. (ID 13348)

Different supported MySQL database versions

CMS Fiona now exclusively supports MySQL 5.5, starting at 5.5.29. (ID 13511)

Proceed as follows to update an existing CMS Fiona installation including MySQL:

  • Completely shutdown the CMS you wish to update
  • Backup your MySQL database
  • Update MySQL to version 5.5
  • Install CMS Fiona 6.9.0
  • Ensure that the MySQL 5.5 client library ( is present on the CMS machine
  • Migrate the new CMS using CM -migrate OldInstanceName.

Trifork Application Server updated

The Trifork Application Server has been updated to version 4.1.36. (ID 13572)