New and Changed Features

HTML user interface

Concerning the “flat" theme, remaining colored toolbar images are delivered in gray tones. This is done using CSS, which is browser-dependent.


CMS Fiona now offers a more restrictive variant of workflows. To activate it, set the value of the editStepMembershipRequiredForEditor configuration key to true. Here, stricter criteria apply when editing files subject to a workflow. An editor additionally needs to be a member of one of the groups of the pending editing steps of a file to be able to modify this file. 

Editors who no longer meet this requirement may still (temporarily) edit the file if they are given this file using the “Give" workflow function. This allows for subsequent amendments even if the editor's actual editing step has already been completed. Having editing permission for the file remains a basic requirement.

We recommend to activate this variant.


If an Oracle database is used, some often-issued SQL queries now make use of parameter binding. This enables the database server to interpret the queries more quickly.

The number of dependencies from recent system libraries has been reduced, making it possible to run CMS Fiona 7.0.1 on SLES 11 (again).