obj objRef exportSubtree

Available for: Content Management Server

Task: Exports the folder hierarchy starting at the specified folder.


obj (withId objId) | (withPath path) | root exportSubtree {parameter value}

Function parameters:

  • parameter specifies the name of a parameter whose value modifies the export results. The following values are valid for parameter:

    • absoluteFsPathPrefix: Specifies that links that are exported as file paths are to be exported as absolute paths and that value is to be used as their prefix. In the context of this command, this parameter overrules the corresponding entry in the export system configuration entry. If this entry does not exist, / is used.

    • absoluteUrlPrefix: same as absoluteFsPathPrefix but for the paths in URLs.

    • exportCharset: Specifies that value names the character set to be used for the documents generated during the export. The supported values are listed in the export.charsetMap system configuration entry. If this parameter is not specified, the system configuration value export.charset is used. If this entry is missing, utf-8 is used.

    • filePrefix: Specifies that value contains a prefix to be attached to the export file name.

    • maxDepth: specifies that value contains an integer number specifying the number of folder levels to export. If this parameter is missing the numer is unlimited.

    • purgeCollections: specifies that value determines whether the collections are to be deleted prior to the export (1, default) or not (0).

    • templateName: Specifies that value contains the name of a layout that should be used during export instead of the value of the the user-specific configuration entry defaultTemplate. If this parameter is not specified and the defaultTemplate entry does not exist, mastertemplate is used.

  • value contains the value for the respective parameter.

Additional information:

  • This command can only be used for folders.

  • During export, a directory structure corresponding to the folder hierarchy is created. A dedicated directory is created for each folder in the folder hierarchy. The version of the folder are stored as the index.html file in this directory. Documents are exported to this directory as filename.html. Images and resources receive the file name extension of their respective version.

  • With the export.abortOnError system configuration entry (YES or NO) you can control whether the export will be terminated or continued if an error occurs.

  • If the Search Engine Server is running and the indexing.staticExport.isActive entry in the system configuration of the Content Manager has been set to true, then the UTF-8 encoded web documents are indexed during the export, using the configured collections.

Return value if successful: none

Necessary permissions (CM only): The user must have the permissionGlobalExport permission for the file.


CM>obj withId 4567 exportSubtree filePrefix /tmp