Operating the GUI Separately

To be able to operate CMS Fiona's GUI on a different computer than the Content Management Server, you first require a complete installation of the same CMS version on the dedicated computer. Afterwards, the CM and the GUI need to be configured so that the GUI is able to reach the CM.

For this, first open the Trifork console on the computer where Fiona was originally installed (use administrator as login and trifork as password):


Switch to the JDBC/Datasources section and click the database type you use. Write down all parameters to be found in the input mask. Later, these parameters need to be entered on the GUI machine.

Now, on both machines, make the changes to the rc.npsd.conf file as described above so that the GUI is not started on the original machine, whereas it is started on the other machine when rc.npsd start is executed.

Afterwards, the configuration files are adapted on the CM machine and then deployed to the other machines. Please proceed as described below:

  1. On the CM machine, adapt in the server.xml file located in the instance-specific configuration the connection parameters server.cm.httpHost, server.cm.httpConnectHost, and server.cm.httpPort so that the GUI can reach the CM on its machine. The CM waits for connections on the httpHost (leave empty for all host names assigned to the machine). It can be reached on the httpConnectHost by other CMS components.
  2. On the GUI machine, adapt in the basicConfig.properties file located in the instance-specific directory webapps/GUI/WEB-INF the connection parameters cmHost and cmHttpPort so that the GUI can reach the CM on the httpHost and httpPort stored in the server.xml file.
  3. If you need a dynamic preview, for PHP pages for example, please adapt the dynamicPreviewUrl, dynamicPreviewDirectory, and dynamicPreviewExtensions parameters on the CM machine. They can be found in the gui.xml file located in the instance-specific configuration directory.
  4. Please adapt the export.guiUrl entry in the export.xml system configuration file located in the instance-specific configuration directory of the CM machine so that the GUI on the GUI machine is connected:
  5. Start the CMS components (replace instanceName with the actual name of the instance):
     instance/instanceName/bin/rc.npsd start
  6. On the GUI machine start the Trifork Application Server:
    instance/instanceName/bin/rc.npsd start
  7. As described above, open the Trifork administration console and configure the data source. Then again restart the Trifork-Server using rc.npsd restart.