Performing Workflow Steps

With Fiona 7, pages can be edited, checked, and released along workflows. CMS Fiona administrators and website developers can define workflows that are, for example, based on a company's goal such as producing the best possible content for its customers.

Workflows consist of an editing and an optional verification phase. Each phase may be comprised of one or several workflow steps.

The workflow steps available for a page are accessible via the page menu.

Editing steps

A page that is subject to a workflow cannot be made editable just by activating the editing mode.

You can edit a page subject to a workflow if you are a member of a user group that has been assigned to an editing step in the workflow.

To start editing a page, select Start workflow from the page menu. If the workflow has already been started, a user also permitted to edit the page may take it.

As the current editor of a page, the following options are available to you:

Reject causes the workflow of the page to be started again from the beginning. The user groups permitted to edit the page can take the page again.

If the next workflow step should be performed for a page, select forward or commit. This passes the page to the next user group for further editing or, respectively, checking it. After selecting one of these menu items you are asked to provide a comment.

You can revert all of the changes made to the page. This comes in handy if the changes were made for testing purposes only or if you simply want to start over with a new working copy.

If the workflow does not include verification steps, the current editor in the last editing step may release the page, too. This also requires providing a comment.

Verification steps

As a member of a user goup whose task is to check the changes made to a page in the course of the workflow, please first navigate to the page concerned.

The changes made during editing steps can be comfortably examined using the “All changes” view mode.

Superusers and users with administration permission for a specific page may release pages at any time, independently of the workflow.

If you accept the changes made to a page in the course of the workflow, you can sign or release the page, depending on the presence or, respectively, absence of further verification steps.

However, if the page should be further revised, you can reject it, which causes the workflow to be started once more.

Select revert if you want to stop the workflow and discard the changes that were made to the page. Of course, the members of the first editing group can start a new workflow any time.