Previewing Content in the Future (Using the Time Machine)

For editors, the Rails Connector's "Time Machine" offers the possibility to see what the content would look like in the future. This is convenient if you have documents with different validity periods and if you would like to check whether your site contains the desired pages (and only these) at a given point in time.

If, for example, a document, "A", is valid from T1 to T3, and another document, "B", from T2 to T4 (the periods overlap), then you can use the time machine to check what is displayed between T1 and T2 (only "A" is visible), between T2 and T3 (both documents are visible), and between T3 and T4 (only "B" is visible):

You can select the preview date by means of a link on the preview page, provided that the link was integrated into the preview page. The link opens a window which contains a slider and a calendar:

Both controls can be used to select the desired preview date. If you let go of the slider or if you click the desired date, the selected preview date is set and the page is refreshed. Afterwards, the current page is displayed in the context of the selected point in time.