Providing Additional Means for Editing Content in the Preview

The preview is a means for the editorial staff to edit field values and links directly, i. e. without having to leave the preview. For this purpose, small editing symbols (so-called markers) are displayed next to links and fields in the preview. The editorial system automatically embeds these markers into the preview, i. e. without editors having to activate an option. However, by means of an npsgui element, which you can embed into layouts, the markers can be explicitly switched on and off.

In addition to automatic markers, further working aids can be given to editors, using npsgui elements.

The npsgui element provides the following features:

  • You can have parts of the layout displayed in the preview in order to supply editors with additional information for editing, for example. These sections in the layout may contain any kind of HTML text. They are not exported.
  • You can offer editors to perform actions by clicking a marker or a linked text. As actions, menu commands, wizards, or editing a field value can be defined. In the preview of a news article, for example, you might offer the editors a possibility to edit the news article using a wizard or to create a new article.
  • Furthermore, you can, as indicated above, enable or disable the automatic generation of markers so that the preview looks like the corresponding live page (unless it contains markers or hints you placed into the preview yourself).

npsgui elements are used analogously to NPSOBJ elements.