Here the links are displayed that are contained in the main content or the fields of a file version:

Furthermore the links are displayed that are contained in the versions of other files and point to file currently selected in the Content Navigator.

Links are always contained in versions. However, they point to files, not to versions of files.

Different types of links exist, image links or text links, for example, that can be located in different places of the version (in the main content or in HTML fields, for example). The type of a link is indicated by an icon displayed in front of the link path.

If you have the permission to edit the draft version of a file, you can click a link contained in it in order to edit it. See Edit Links.

For links contained in the version, click the arrow icon behind it to switch to the linked file. For links pointing to the selected file, the link leads to the file in whose draft version it is contained.

Mirror Files

The mirror files of the file concerned are also displayed on this tab if the file is an original file. With mirror files, you can find here a reference to the original file.

The references to the mirror files or the original file, respectively, are linked as well so that you can comfortably navigate to them as desired.