By means of a reminder an editor can be notified about a file at a given time. This makes it easier to maintain content that needs to be updated at regular intervals.

Setting Up a Reminder

Every file is associated with exactly one reminder which can be edited by users who have write permission for the file. You can set up the reminder of a file by selecting the file in the Content Navigator and then opening a dialog with which the recipient list, the due date, and optionally a comment can be set. The dialog can be accessed via the Define Reminder menu command or by clicking the Reminder field in the file overview:

Reminder E-Mail Notification

If the CMS administrator has enabled the automatic e-mail notification for reminders, each recipient in the distribution list of a reminder will from the due date on receive an e-mail message informing him about the file.

Users that do not want to receive these messages can deactivate them via the Send report as e-mail option in their personal preferences.

Reminder Overview

By means of the Reminders menu command, every user of the CMS can have his own reminders displayed and search for reminders that match particular search criteria. The reminders listed in the dialog can be edited or deleted individually or as a selection.