Removing Temporary Files of the Trifork Server

The temporary directory used by Trifork Application Server may contain files that are never deleted. If you do not clean your temporary directories regularly, it may be helpful to use a script which is started by a cron job (Unix) or a scheduled task and a batch file (Windows). In order to not delete files that belong to open sessions, it is recommended to only delete files that were created a couple of days ago.

Please note that the temporary directory of the Trifork server does not necessarily match the directory commonly used for this purpose by your operating system – /tmp or /var/tmp on Unix and %TEMP% on Windows. Furthermore, the temporary directory may be user-specific.

The path of the temporary directory used by the Trifork server is taken from the Java variable It can be modified using the option With Unix installations, use the instance-specific configuration file for the start script, rc.npsd.conf (see triforkArgs) for this. With Windows installations, add the option to the service.ini file of the Trifork server.