Saving and Restoring Data

CMS Fiona is used to create, maintain, and publish valuable content. Not only the content but also the configuration of the system is the result of much work. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a backup available, in case the hardware or software fails.

General Data Backup

JustRelate recommends to create database dumps and to back-up the installation directory of CMS Fiona on a regular basis. The intervals at which the respective data should be saved is application-specific. If the highest risk you can bear is to loose the content produced or modified in one day, the content needs to be saved once every day. This applies analogously to the data located in the installation or instance directory hierarchy, i.e. configuration files, scripts, wizards, etc. – in particular while the system is being extended.

Please note: If the content is stored in the file system instead of the database (see the storeBlobsInDatabase configuration value), the CMS must be stopped completely before making a backup.

Backups should never be stored on the medium on which the data is produced and used.

Saving the Content, System and Runtime Configuration

CMS Fiona’s Content Management Server (CM) provides a mechanism (Dump/Restore) for partially or completely saving and restoring the content, the system configuration, and the runtime configuration (which includes field definitions, file formats, for example). This allows you to

  • save your data to have a backup available in case of a system failure;

  • migrate content to a newer version of CMS Fiona (up to version 6.5.0, with later versions, the database is migrated directly);

  • duplicate content in the source instance of the CMS installation or transfer it to a different instance in order to use it as a basis for a new website, for example.

JustRelate recommends (as an addition to general backup procedures) to regularly use the CM to create a complete dump and to treat it like a backup.

The following sections describe how to produce and restore a complete or partial dump using the CM.