In the Content Navigator’s toolbar an input field can be found, into which a search word or phrase can be entered. After doing this, hit the return key or click the mgnifying glass icon to have the search performed. All file names and version titles will be searched. The results will be displayed in a list on the search page.

This search page is also opened when the Search command is chosen from the search menu:

Each line in the upper area serves to specify a search criterion. Using the drop-down menus to the left, you can specify the fields the CMS should investigate.

Using the second popup-menu the search can be restricted. The options available here depend on the field type. With character strings, for example, you can restrict your search to field values that begin with, contain, or are equal to the search term. With date fields, a predefined period of time or a particular date can be specified.

The last element of a search criterion is the search term. In most cases the search term is a character string. It might, however, also be a date (see Date selection). With fields of the type selection and multiple selection the search terms are predefined (they correspond to the selectable field values) and can be specified using a drop-down menu or checkboxes.

The symbols to the right-hand side of a search criterion have the following function:

Add and remove search criteria

A another search criterion on a new line. The line is placed below the line whose plus symbol was clicked. By default, the field of the new criterion is set to the one that succeeds the field in the line above.

Removes the search criteria concerned.

If more than one search criterion has been specified they are combined using and. This means that the search result will include only files that meet all criteria.

After the search has been performed using the Search button, the files found will be listed in the result list. To change the sort direction from ascending to descending and vice versa, click the Name column header.

If you click an entry in the result list, the corresponding file in the Navigator is selected. The search page remains open, allowing you to work as desired with the listed files.

In order to delete one or more files or to perform a workflow step, mark the check boxes of the files concerned and select the desired command from menu.