Server-Side Requirements for CMS Fiona

The CMS Fiona components have been tested on systems with the following combinations of hardware/operating systems. It is possible, however it cannot be guaranteed, that the components will work with other hardware or operating systems without any problems.

Please take notice of the following points before installing JustRelate products:

  • For running rails applications based on Rails Connector for CMS Fiona productively, a Linux system is compulsary. However, Rails applications can also be developed on Mac OS X.

  • The Rails Connector requires a 64 bit MySQL database.

  • Installing CMS Fiona on remote storage devices is expressly not supported.

  • CMS Fiona communicates over the network via IP v4. IP v6 is not supported.

  • We do not support simultaneous access to the same database by two or more equally named instances of CMS Fiona. This applies to the Content Management Server as well as the Template Engine. Such a situation may occur if test installations are run in parallel to a productively used CMS, or after migrating a CMS instance. As a consequence, database access may produce errors, or the server applications may behave eratically.