The files contained in a folder can be sorted for the purpose of displaying them in a certain order in automatically generated lists.

The criteria that can be used for sorting files are the values of fields such as Name, Title, or Last Change. You can view these criteria on the Sorting tab.

If you are permitted to modify the the draft version of the folder (i. e. if you have write permission to it), you can select different fields as sorting criteria (if required, the version needs to be taken over for editing first):

You can specify up to three criteria so that the files are sorted by the next criterion if the values of a criterion are equal. For each criterion you can specify whether the field values are to be compared numerically or alphanumerically. The value "112", for example, is alphanumerically less and numerically greater than "99" which causes the files to be sorted accordingly.

The sorting direction determines whether the files are sorted in ascending (smallest value comes first) or descending order.

The folder whose files are sorted must be released for the sorting to become effective in the preview. In the Content Navigator, the files are sorted by name or by title, depending on your choice in the View menu.