Finding Data with Tags

Accounts, contact persons, and activities can be associated with each other using tags. You can do this, for example, to record common properties of these items. Later on, you can look up the accounts, persons, or activities that were given one or more specific tags.

To view the existing tags, click Tags in the main navigation:

Tag list

The tags are displayed in alphabetic order. After every tag the number of occurrences is given in brackets. Tags that were used more often appear in a larger font.

Click a tag to see the items associated with it:

Tagged items

In the upper part of the page, the tags are listed that were additionally associated with at least one of the items found for the selected tag.

The type of items in the results list below the tag list can be account, contact person, or activity. The type of on item is denoted by the icon in front of it. Activities can also be recognized by their ID which is given in square brackets. Click an item in the list to view its details.

As an alternative, you can further restrict the results list by selecting an item type (e.g. Accounts) or another tag. The effect of the latter is that only items are displayed that are associated with both tags:

Items with two tags

This process can be repeated until no more tags for restriction are available. In this case, all list items are associated with exactly those tags displayed in the upper part of the page. You can click the delete symbol (_X_) next to a tag to remove it from the chosen combination of tags.

Assigning Tags

You can associate contact persons, accounts, or activities with tags. To associate an account with tags, or to modify its tags, open the details view of the account and edit it:

Assigning tags

Please separate the individual tags with commas. If there are already tags that contain the character string you entered, the OMC opens a drop-down box for selecting an existing tag. You should do this as often as possible to avoid different spellings for synonymous tags.