You can open your task list using the Workflow > Tasks menu command. Tasks are files assigned to you or one of your user groups for editing, signing or releasing:

In the list the task type (edit or sign), the file path, the title of the version, the user or user group responsible, and the file comment are shown. You can use these pieces of information to determine the importance of the individual tasks.

You can sort the tasklist by the criteria given in the list header. For this, click the desired sort criterion. The criterion by which the list is currently sorted and the sorting direction are indicated by a small arrow.

After opening the task list, your personal tasks are displayed. By selecting All tasks from the drop-down menu the tasks assigned to you indirectly via your group memberships are displayed in the list as well.

Click a file in the list to select it in the Content Navigator. You can then edit it there or perform the required workflow step. The task list window remains open in the meantime, so that you can return to it after the task has been completed. Click Refresh to remove the completed tasks from the list and to have new ones listed.