Testing Verity Search Queries

Sometimes, the need for experimenting with or for testing search queries exists prior to including them into a portlet, for example. The Verity command line program rcvdk addresses this issue. You can use it to execute search queries and have the hits displayed.

Under Linux, use the following instructions to execute the program and open a collection that was created using the uni locale:

> export PATH=$PATH:Install_Dir/3rdparty/vdk/_ilnx21/bin
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:Install_Dir/3rdparty/vdk/_ilnx21/bin
> rcvdk -locale uni
RC> a Path_to_Collection

After changing into the export mode by pressing "x", the desired search query parser (the explicit parser, for example) and the fields to be displayed in the results list can be defined:

RC> x
RC> qparser BoolPlus
RC> fields score 5 name 15 title 50

You can now run search queries using "s" and have the results list displayed with "r":

RC> s "teddy"
Search update: finished (100%).  Retrieved: 3(3)/355.
RC> r
Retrieved: 3(3)/355
Number  score name            title
1:      1.000 prettys         Prettys Kuscheltiere
2:      1.000 prettys         Prettys Cuddly Toys
3:      1.000 maskottchen     Wählen Sie das neue Playland-Maskottchen

In particular, syntactically wrong search queries can be detected and corrected:

RC> s <manny> "teddy"
>> Error   E1-0120 (Query Builder): Invalid operator manny
>> Error   E1-0111 (Query Builder): Syntax error in query string near character 7
>> error (-40): in VDK.
>> Error   E1-0114 (Query Builder): Error parsing query: <manny> "teddy"
>> error (-40): in VDK.
Error (-40) starting search.
RC> s <many> "teddy"
Search update: finished (100%).  Retrieved: 3(3)/355.