The PDF Generator

The PDF generator is available and to be licensed as a separate product. It makes it possible to create PDF files from CMS folders and documents.

After the installation and configuration of the generator, the file menu of the Content Navigator contains a corresponding menu command. To create a PDF file, select a file or a folder with the html name extension in the folder hierarchy and choose the menu comand mentioned. The PDF file is created as a file of the resource type in the same folder as the source file. To its link list field pdfSource a link to the source folder is added. If required, add pdfSource to the file format used for PDF files.
If an existing PDF file is to be updated, the menu command is labelled correspondingly.

The output of the PDF generator is controlled by an XSL style sheet which by default supports the following features:

  • Output in the format DIN A4
  • Table of contents
  • Bookmarks
  • Running headers and footers
  • Double-sided output
  • The following HTML tags are processed:
    • Headlines (h1 etc.); the headlines h1 to h4 are placed into the table of contents and the bookmark list.
    • Lists (ul, ol with different numbering types, dl)
    • Tables (including border, rowspan, colspan, align, correct column width using colgroup )
    • Embedded images; the dimensions can be specified using the width and height attributes)
    • Line breaks (br)
    • Others: address, b, big, blockquote, cite, code, em, hr, i, kbd, nobr, p, pre, samp, small, strike, strong, sub, sup, title, tt, u, var .

The following features are supported from version 1.1:

  • PNG images

The following features are not supported by the style sheet:

  • Links (a ) to external URLs and within the document
  • Centering using center

To adapt the output of the PDF generator to individual requirements, the corresponding style sheets can be written and integrated into the Content Navigator's menu.