The Preview

The preview can be opened using the toolbar button displayed to the left or by means of the Preview item in the View menu. It is displayed inside the current Content Navigator window.

The preview is flexible, meaning that you can choose in the view options (Choose view in the View menu)

  • whether you wish to edit content (i.e. whether edit markers are to be available),
  • whether the draft or the released versions of the files are to be displayed, and
  • which layout is to be used for the preview.

The preview always has the full Portal Manager functionality (in particular, the portlets are functioning and the live server read permissions are observed).

If you have enabled the edit markers, additional editing possibilities provided by the administrator might be available to you. Furthermore, you can hide the menu area including the toolbar and the path navigation to have more space available in the preview area.

Separate Preview

By means of the toolbar button displayed to the left, the preview can be displayed in a separate window, i.e. without having to change the view in the current window. In this preview mode no editing elements are available. The separate preview has the same functionality as the integrated preview. However, editing elements are not present, and the menu is hidden by default.

Real Preview

The real preview, which can be opened via the View menu works similar to the separate preview. However, the preview window does not contain a menu or a toolbar. Furthermore, it is possible to navigate in the real preview and then reload a page without being directed to the original preview page again.