The User Fields Section

User fields are used to supplement the user data stored by the Content Management Server with additional information such as a telephone number or the name of the department in which the user is employed.

If you would like to create, edit or delete user fields, click on the User Fields tab on the User Management page. The Content Management Server displays the User Fields section:

You can use the search function in the User Fields section to have user fields displayed. How it functions is described in section User Management.

A list corresponding to your search criteria is displayed in the main area of the section. This list contains, according to the search text, all the user fields or only those whose name contains the search text. The list entries each contain the name and the type of user field.

The number of user fields displayed in the list in the main area of the section depends on your personal preferences. You can move forward and backward by clicking on next or previous as long as the list contains more entries than you have set as default. Additionally, you can move to other results pages by clicking on one of the numbers in the ascending sequence above or below the list.

If you click on the name of a user field listed, the Content Manager displays all the available information concerning this user field:

The name and type are displayed one below the other on the view page of the user field. Additionally, the possible values of the user field are displayed for user fields of the types Selection or Mutliple Selection.