Todos are meant to be memory aids for you. After logging in, the number of your todos is displayed on your dashboard.

You can create todos for yourself or for other staff members. Optionally, a todo can be linked with a contact person, which means that keeping track of the todos relating to a specific person can be seen on that person’s details page.

When creating a call note, the OMC offers you to also create a todo. But there are many other situations in which todos are practical. Todos can be searched for and are accessible from within account or contact person views.

The Todo List

You can access the todo list via the main navigation of the Online Marketing Cockpit:

Todo list

To find a specific todo, enter a search term into the inupt field above the list. Select a responsible person, or a specific role, or check the corresponding option if you want closed todos to be included in the search. Then click Search Todos.

Use the New button to create a new todo. Please proceed as described below for creating a todo via an account or a contact person.

Click an item in the search results list to view the details of the corresponding todo:

Details of a todo

On the details view of a todo the following can be seen:

  • The account and contact person concerned (see the context navigation)
  • Creation date and time, including the user’s login
  • Last update date and time including the user’s login
  • Completion date and time (if applicable)
  • Due date
  • Todo title
  • Todo notes

In the menu of this details view the following commands are available:

  • Edit: Opens a form for editing the properties of the todo. All properties except the account and the dates (which are set automatically) can be changed.

  • Delete: Deletes the todo irreversibly.

  • Mark as Completed: Does what it says (this can also be achieved by editing the todo)

  • Add to Clipboard / Remove from Clipboard: Does what it says.

The administrator can also limit access to todos to specific roles. Therefore, you might not be permitted to delete todos or view the todos of other users.

Accessing Todos through Accounts and Contact Persons

Since every todo can be assigned to a contact person and is thus indirectly linked with an account, you can also access todos via the details view of a person or of an account. The corresponding menu item can be found on the Actions tab:

Todos menu item

Clicking this item will cause the list of todos of this account or person to be displayed:

Todos of an account

If the account (or person, respectively) has many todos, a page navigation is displayed by means of which the todos currently not displayed can be accessed.

As with all other lists, you can open the details view of a specific todo by clicking the list item.

Creating a Todo

To create a new todo for an account or a contact person currently displayed, click New in the button bar of the corresponding todo view. This opens the following form:

Creating a todo

The presets in the form correspond with the item for which the todo is being created. This means:

  • If the todo is created via an account, the account is preset for the new todo. The account’s contact person concerned can be selected using the drop-down menu.

  • If the todo is created via a contact person, the account is taken from that person. The person is preselected in the drop-down list.

  • If the todo is created via the Todos main page, the todo is not connected with a contact person.

Fill in the desired todo data and click Create. Afterwards, the details page of the todo is displayed.