Treating Hyphens as Whitespace

With the uni locale selected, the search engine treats hyphens contained in the content as normal alphabetic characters by default. If a document contains the phrase six-year-old sister, for example, searching for year* will not retrieve this document.

To change this behavior, the hyphen needs to be removed from the list of additional alphabetic characters. This list is contained in the ctype.cfg file located in the installation_dir/3rdparty/vdk/common/uni directory. The list defaults to the underscore, the hyphen, and the ampersand characters, given as hexadecimal character values:

ALPHA: 0x26,0x2d,0x5f

Remove the hyphen (0x2d) from the list, save the ctype.cfg configuration file, and restart the SES. Afterwards, the content needs to be reindexed using the indexAllObjects Tcl command of the Content Manager.