Unreachable Link Destinations

Starting at version Version 7.0.0, the link checker verifies internal links only.

From version 6.5.0 CMS Fiona offers a possibility to automatically check link destinations. This checking detects external Links pointing to web pages currently not available, internal links to inactive CMS files, and internal links whose destination does not exist. The corresponding dialog page can be accessed via the Extras menu.

The CMS checks links in the background. The current status of this process is displayed in the upper section of the dialog. Underneath, the list of unreachable link destinations is located.

To start checking the links, click the Start checking button. Fiona now tests the availability of all the links contained in the released and draft versions of files you are permitted to modify or whose editor you are. During this process, the button "Stop checking" is displayed instead of "Start checking". Click this button to stop this process.

Checking a large number of external link destinations may take some time. Click the Refresh button to update the status display.

In detail, the following information is displayed in the Status section.

  • Check: Running or Stopped.
  • Last started at: Specifies the point in time the link destinations were last checked for availability.
  • Checked: Specifies the percentage of link destinations checked so far.
  • External link destinations (total): Specifies the total number of external link destinations. If several links have the same destination, the destination is counted only once.
  • Unreachable: Specifies the total number of external link destinations that cannot be reached.
  • Inactive files with referrers: Specifies the number of CMS files that are inactive and have links pointing to them.

After checking, in the list below the status section the following information about the links found is displayed:

  • Link destinations that are inactive or are not exported for some other reason.
  • Unavailable external link destinations as far as they are prefixed with http: oder https:.

The type of a link can be determined from the icon shown in front of each entry in the list. External links are marked with a globe icon, internal links with the corresponding symbol for the file type.

If required, click an entry in the list to replace the destination in the corresponding links with a different link destination.

Administrators have the possibility to exclude particular links from the checking process. This can be recommended if required links (that must not be deleted or modified) are often not available and it becomes difficult to find the relevant links in the list.

If the list contains an unusual large number of unavailable external link destinations, and if the corresponding URLs can be opened in the browser, please ask an administrator to check the network settings.