Users and Roles

The Online Marketing Cockpit supports internal users (e.g. your company’s staff members) and so-called roles. Users can be assigned roles which, in turn, can be endowed with access permissions to take account of the fact that differences regarding authority may exist when working with the OMC.

Also, the users are important for some categories, e.g. accounts and inquiries. For example, to every account a responsible user may be assigned; several types of inquiriy overviews, e.g. by user, can be displayed.

The OMC provides user management functionality but may alternatively be connected to an LDAP server. When connected to an LDAP server, the OMC cannot be used for creating or removing users or changing their properties. Also, the roles users have are then derived from the LDAP user groups you specified.

For a role, any subset of permissions for using OMC functions can be enabled. These permissions are automatically transferred to those (and only those) users to whom a particular role was given.

All user and role settings can be made in the system settings section accessible via the corresponding link below the left navigation bar.