Validity Periods

CMS Fiona supports validity periods for the purpose of time-controlled file publishing. This is achieved by means of corresponding version fields.

Initially, the validity period of a draft version begins at the time of its creation and is unlimited. You can set the validity period by means of the fields validFrom and validUntil. If validUntil has not been specified, the validity period has no end, meaning that the file is valid for an unlimited period of time beginning at validFrom.

A temporally invalid file is not exported and links to this file are suppressed. Furthermore, individual fields of the file cannot be accessed during the export, as opposed to files whose export is suppressed (by means of the suppressExport field).

If the validity period of a file changes, the Template Engine automatically updates the exported files concerned.


CMS files can be removed from the live server. This process is called deactivation and is controlled by the corresponding workflow.

Expired or deactivated files are displayed struck through in the Content Navigator and can also be hidden. For further information, please refer to the document that describes the tree view.