Version Fields

There are predefined as well as additional (custom) version fields. In the following overview the most important predefined version fields are listed:

version fields 
(title )
When a file is published, the title of the released version of the file normally becomes the title of the web page. As opposed to a file’s name, the title of a version need not be unique. Please note that the length of a title must not exceed 250 characters, all character conversions included (to UTF-8, for example).
Main content
The main content of files of the document and folder type normally contains HTML text. The main content of files of the image and resource type contains the binary data. The main content of templates is the template code.
File name extension
The file name extension is used when a CMS file is published. Layouts do not have this field because they are never published.
The login name of the user who currently edits the draft version.
The channels to which the version is assigned (can be used in conjunction with the Portal Manager).
Last change
Date of the last change to the file’s released version.
Valid from
Date from which the version is considered during the export (the default value is the creation date, 0 hours). Layouts do not have this field.
Valid until
Date from which the version is no longer considered during the export and the links to it should be ignored. If the value is not empty, it must be greater than validFrom. Layouts do not have this field.

The complete list of version fields can be found in the Tcl reference manual.