In addition to logging (see View Log), the Content Management Server supports versioning. If the administrator has enabled this function, the Content Management Server archives all released versions as soon as they are unreleased or replaced by another release of the file concerned. The archived released versions document the published content of the file.

You can have the versions of the currently selected file displayed by means of the corresponding command in the Extras menu.

If the corresponding file currently has no draft version but archived versions, you can select one of them to use it again. To do this, click the respective entry in the list. A copy of the selected archived version will be provided as the draft version, and a workflow will be started (if a workflow is assigned to the file). If all the links are still intact and the draft version is complete in every other respect, it can be released again immediately.

If an archived version cannot be clicked although the respective file does not have a draft version, you do not have the permission to edit the file. In this case, please contact the CMS administrator.

If the file in question currently has a draft version, revert it first using the corresponding workflow command from the Edit menu. Afterwards, reopen the version list and select the archived version to be copied to the draft version.