Introductory Comments

This manual is designed for administrators who maintain users and user groups in the Content Management Server and who would also like to set up file formats, fields, workflows and jobs. The manual also addresses designers who would like to create and maintain layouts for the Content Management Server.

As a reader of this this manual, you should already have general computer knowledge as well as experience with the Internet and with WWW-browsers. As an administrator, you should have knowledge of the user and group concepts, and the editing concepts of CMS Fiona. As a designer, you need considerable basic knowledge of files and versions in the Content Management Server as well as a good knowledge of HTML.

The explanations and operation descriptions in this online manual refer to the English-language user interface with the standard defaults of the Content Management Server. The explanations are neutral with regard to the operating system and browser you are using. If you have any questions or problems, please consult the manual of the respective product.

The Content Navigator is only functional if Java and Javascript have been enabled in your browser. The preview function requires that your browser accepts cookies.