Web Statistics

Web statistics help you to judge the popularity of your website. In particular, the visits of authenticated persons are hints to what is most interesting to them, or which sections are more attractive than others. The web statistics functionality is not in the scope of supply of the Online Marketing Cockpit.

Clicking Web Statistics in the left navigation lets you choose one of the configured domains for viewing the statistics:

List of domains

Clicking one of the listed domains opens an overview which includes relevant access numbers and diagrams reflecting access to your domain in the past month and year.

Domain overview

All access to your Website is seen as being part of a so-called visit. This term, as well as other terms relevant in this context, are briefly explained in the following table:

Visits A visit is a sequence of page requests made by the same client. By definition, the maximum time allowed to pass between two requests must not exceed 30 minutes. If more time passes, a new visit begins.
Aauthenticated visits Visits of persons (precisely of their clients) who authenticated with the OMC.
Pageviews The request for an URL pointing to a web page (as opposed to an image, for example).
Pageviews per visit The average number pageviews divided by the number of visits.
Bounce rate Percentage of visits consisting of only one pageview.
Average time on site
("visit duration")
The average time a visit lasted.
Unique visitors The number of unique clients who made the visits. A client might have made several visits in the period of time being reported.
New visitors Visits made by clients not identified by means of a cookie or through authentication.
Unique authenticated visitors") The number of unique visitors, independently of the number of visits each of them has made.

The charts illustrate the number of pageviews and visits made in the period of the time chosen. By means of the legends below the charts, the curves can be hidden and inserted individually (check or uncheck the colored box in front of the curve label). Also, you can use the mouse to select a section of the curve to zoom into it.

The scaling of the curves is determined by the greatest value.

By means of the menu of this page, you can access several reports such as the most recent pageviews of authenticated visitors.