Website Visits

The analysis of the visits to your website allows you to reconstruct the paths that individual visitors, whether identified or not, have taken on your website, i.e. which pages they have opened and in which order.

First, in the upper part of the page, choose the date you are interested in, as well as the desired website (if you have more than one). In the following screenshot the visits on that day can be seen, ordered by starting time, latest first.

List of website visits

Tick Include Anonymous Visits to have the visits of unrecognized visitors included in the results list. Every list item includes information about the following:

  • Starting date and time of the visit
  • Person who made the visit (if known)
  • Account to which the person belongs
  • Total time of the visit
  • Number of page views during the visit
  • Last page viewed before the visit (if available)

Click one of the list entries to view the details of the corresponding visit:

Website visit details

The upper part of this details view includes information about the visitor and the visit, e.g. the person in the OMC, or the starting date and time of the visit. Furthermore, the unique visitor number is available. Click this number to see all the visits of the corresponding person (or anonymous visitor).

The main part of the page includes the list of page views during the visit, in their actual order, including viewing duration, i.e. the time that passed between opening this page and the next page. The viewing duration is not available for the last view of the visit since no other page was opened during the maximum time allowed between two page views.

Click a page view to see the list of all other views of this page.

Page views

In the upper part of this page, the URL of the viewed page is displayed. In the main section of the page, the visitors who opened the page are listed, sorted by time (the most recent page view comes first). Click a visitor to open the visit that contains this page view. Note that visitors the system was able to identify are displayed accordingly.