What Is the Rails Connector?

Our Rails Connector makes content that is maintained with CMS Fiona available to Rails applications.

  • Our Rails Connector is delivered as a gem that can be integrated into an existing Rails application. It includes model classes for accessing CMS content and offers support for implementing controllers, helpers, and views for content delivery.

  • From version 6.6 of CMS Fiona, your Rails application can be viewed in the preview of the editorial system so that editors can view their content in the current layout. Editing elements (for editing CMS content directly) can be integrated into the layout.

  • As web pages are delivered, the Rails Connector is able to take account of the access permissions granted in the editorial system. If the website visitor is not logged-in to the site, an error page can be delivered which can be designed as required.

  • Furthermore, Rails Connector supports deploying your Rails application to different systems (editorial, staging, live system). For this, a script for Capistrano is supplied.

  • Marker menus enable edit markers and action markers for the preview to be organized into logical groups, thus simplifying the editing process. Marker menus expand and collapse so as not to disrupt the layout in the preview.

  • Rails Connector makes it easy to add business functionality to a website and to combine editorial content with user-generated content.

For information about the website features of the Rails Connector, please refer to the description of the Playland demo application. Some features need to be activated explicitly. For details about how to do this, and how to use the APIs, please refer to the Rails Connector RDocs.