With CMS Fiona, files can be edited, verified (signed), and released in so-called workflows. A workflow can consist of several editing and verification steps. The last step in a workflow is the release.

Several user groups can participate in the editing and verification process. When a file is forwarded, it is added to the task list of the next user group.

Files are not forwarded or committed automatically. These steps need to be made manually.

By means of the workflow actions Give and Take files can also be given to individual users or user groups or taken over from a user not part of the workflow. These workflow actions interrupt the workflow until the file is forwarded the next time or signed (in the verification phase).

In order to perform a workflow step, select the corresponding menu command from the Edit > Workflow submenu.

In the list view several files can be selected in order to perform the same workflow step with them (even though the files are involved in different workflows).

If a workflow action cannot be performed for one or more files, a corresponding message will be displayed.