Writing Integration Tests for a Rails Connector Project

Integration tests are an important tool used while developing a Rails application. They help to ensure that new functionality that is being developed does not inadvertently damage already existing functionality.

Ruby on Rails offers the possibility to write unit tests, functional tests and integration tests for the Rails application. The integration tests of a Rails application are normally located in the test/integration directory of the application.

Up to version 6.6.1 of the Rails Connector, integration tests can only performed after the test environment including its database connection have been set up manually.

From version 6.7.0, integration tests are run in the test environment. Since all environments use the same database – the database which contains the productive data – real CMS data is used in the integration tests. Thus, the tests can prove whether the Rails application processes the data as planned.

To ensure that programming errors in an integration test do not modify or corrupt CMS data, the Rails Connector should connect to the database only as a user without write permission.